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Trainers to guide and support you through every work out - Get the benefits of a Personal Trainer without the cost.

A new program every day - Our workouts are different everyday!

A Bout workout takes under 40 minutes to complete, making it easy to fit into your busy day.

No set class times -  Work around your own schedule by showing up and working out when you want.


Bout is a new, more efficient way of training.

Full Body Workout


A Bout workout combines high-intensity interval training with functional strength and striking. Taking less than 40 minutes to complete, the circuit-inspired design is low impact and caters for all levels, as you work at your own limits and not someone else’s while being supervised by our motivating trainers.

Results-Based Programming 


Aimed to improve Body Composition - build muscle and become a fat-burning machine. Every Bout workout is designed to improve your metabolism and elicit the “after-burn effect” known as EPOC. This means you not only burn calories during the session, but for up to 38 hours afterwards.

Aimed to improve Performance - improve functionality, strength, power and endurance without the clunky one-dimensional machines, and reap the benefits that will enhance day-to-day life and living, inside and outside of the gym.

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